Workplace bullying can happen in any workplace from peer to peer and from those who have power over another. Bullying can impact on a person’s health and affect their ability to fulfil their role in the workplace. Bullying can contribute to loss of productivity, staff turnover, absenteeism, low morale and financial cost. Feeling upset with the workplace or undervalued does not constitute bullying.
Early intervention is a way to stop matters escalating, mediation and mentoring can assist all parties to eliminate bullying from the workplace so far as reasonably possible.
Mediation for bullying, harassment and discrimination can all take place offsite or onsite depending on the requirements of the parties.
Mediation is not an investigation into the complaint but an opportunity for the parties to work towards  healthy and respectful behaviour at work. Being involved in mediation allows for early intervention, where appropriate, which may stop matters having to go further and to provide communication strategies for all parties – peers and employers in the future.
Threats to harm someone, act of violence, assault, property damage and stalking are criminal matters that  should be referred to the police. (WorkSafe – Guide to Workplace bullying-prevention and responses.)

Everything about the process was clearly explained, carried out in a very respectful manner . Good to talk about problems in your workplace and bring an end to issues.

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