All property matters can be resolved through mediation. You would be welcome to bring your solicitor or accountant to the mediation.

Please feel free to invite your solicitor or accountant to contact me to discuss or arrange mediation.

Farming matters can also be well served by mediation. What may appear as an intractable dispute may be more beneficially resolved through mediation than litigation.

A neutral third party may be the key to providing a process for people to resolve issues that have been in dispute for years.

Mediation can  afford all parties the opportunity to be in a position to move forward in a workable framework which  maintains family and business relationships.

Death or divorce can bring strain for all parties concerned.

Mediation can address communication issues and allow all parties to potentially be able to move forward together.

Succession planning often incorporates mediation can often resolve potential disputes.

Accountants are encouraged to contact Jacqueline Sutherland directly to discuss the ways in which this service may assist their clients.

Although initially apprehensive about the mediation process, Jacqueline explained everything so clearly that discussions proceeded in a calm and open way, that enabled my husband and I to reach reasonable solutions

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