Children have different development stages (newborn, toddler, preschool, primary, secondary school etc.) and accordingly their needs change as they grow and develop.

Children do best, in general, when they are loved and nurtured by both parents. Accordingly it is important for both parents to spend time with their children.

Mediation can provide the opportunity for parents and other significant people ( for example Grandparents)  in the child or children’s lives to spend time with the children.

Having trained in mediation of step-family issues , Jacqueline  welcomes the involvement of stepparents in the mediation process.

All arrangements for children should be made with the idea in mind that the best interest of the child/children is the paramount consideration.

Mediation allows your matter to be organised swiftly for the benefit of your children and yourselves.

In the event that the child’s or children’s matters are not resolved at mediation, as your mediator, Jacqueline  is qualified to issue a Certificate that would allow court proceedings to be started. (Note there are matters that are exempt from the need for a S60I Certificate and accordingly you would need to obtain legal advice and not rely on this website).


Mediation helped us to discuss concerns in a safe environment and we were much more comfortable at the end of the discussions

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